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Move people along the path to purchase with a customer journey map that ensures you’re saying the right thing at the right time.


If you want to create a seamless brand experience, you need to meet people’s needs at every point along the path to purchase. From a content perspective, that means you need to deliver the right information at the right time, whether it’s an infographic to generate brand awareness or a sales brochure to close the deal. By mapping your customer journey, identifying what you want your audience to feel, and knowing what action you want them to take, you make it easier to create strategic content that makes an impact.

How We Approach Your Customer Journey Map

We view customer journey mapping as an exercise in empathy. By viewing things from your customers’ perspective, we analyze the end-to-end experience, including:

  • Stage 1: Awareness
  • Stage 4: Purchase
  • Stage 2: Consideration
  • Stage 5: Loyalty
  • Stage 3: Analysis

Once we’ve gathered our insights, we create a comprehensive map, which serves as a framework for your customer lifecycle, identifying content gaps and creative recommendations to help you streamline your messaging and confidently craft content going forward.

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