CoinDesk is the leading media platform for news, insights and analysis of the technologies reshaping money and commerce in the 21st century. Our team of dedicated journalists spans the globe. Here are our editorial staff members and how to best contact them. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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Senior Content Management

Chief Content Officer

Michael J. Casey


Kevin Reynolds

Head of Multimedia Content & Executive Producer

Joanne Po

Executive Director, Global Content

Emily Parker

Chief of Staff, Content

Pete Pachal

Executive Editor

Marc Hochstein

Real-Time News

Managing Editor

Danny Nelson

Co-Regional News Chief, Americas

Nelson Wang

Co-Regional News Chief, Americas

Stephen Alpher

Regional News Chief, Europe

Sheldon Reback

Regional News Chief, Eurasia

Parikshit Mishra

Regional News Chief, Asia

Greg Alhstrand

Headline News, Senior Editor

Dominic Brown

Reporter, Europe

Jamie Crawley

Reporter, NFTs

Eli Tan

TikTok Reporter

Cameron Thompson

Breaking News Monitor

Allison Saunders

Chinese Editor

Lingling Xiang

SEC Filings Monitor

Kyle Foster

Latin America Editor

Andrés Engler



Managing Editor

Aoyon Ashraf

Deputy Managing Editor

Tracy Wang

Senior Reporter

Ian Allison

Mining Reporter, Asia

Eliza Gkritsi

VC Reporter

Brandy Betz

Payments Reporter

Michael Bellusci

Finance Reporter

Will Canny

Global Policy & Regulation

Managing Editor

Nikhilesh De

Deputy Managing Editor, Americas

Jesse Hamilton

Deputy Managing Editor, EMEA

Sandali Handagama

Reporter, UK

Camomile Shumba

Reporter, Europe

Jack Schickler

Reporter, U.S.

Cheyenne Lignon

Reporter, India

Amitoj Singh

Reporter, North East Asia

Lavender Au


Managing Editor

Brad Keoun


James Rubin

Senior Reporter

Omkar Godbole

Analyst/Editor, Asia

Shaurya Malwa

Reporter, Europe

Lyllah Ledesma

Reporter, Asia

Sam Reynolds

Reporter, U.S.

Helene Braun

Stablecoins Reporter

Krisztian Sandor


Managing Editor

Christie Harkin

Bitcoin Protocol Reporter

Frederick Munawa

Ethereum Protocol Reporter

Margaux Nijkerk

DeFi Reporter

Sam Kessler

Layer 2

Managing Editor, Features & Opinion

Ben Schiller

Managing Editor, Global Capital Markets

Lawrence Lewitinn

Deputy Managing Editor, Features & Opinion

Daniel Kuhn

Senior Editor for Lists, Rankings and Special Projects

Jeanhee Kim

Chiefs Insights Columnist

David Z. Morris

Investigative Reporter

Anna Baydakova

Research Analyst

George Kaloudis


Jeff Wilser


Managing Editor, Learn

Toby Bochan

SEO Content Writer

Mike Antolin

Operations & Strategy

Senior Editor, Content Operations

Betsy Farber

Newsletter Editor

Henry Bond

Photo Editor

Kurt Christenson

Audience Development

Head of Audience Development

Elaine Ramirez

Social Media Editor

Michelle Bloom

Editorial Researcher & Strategist

Joe Lautzenhiser

Community Manager

Asa Sanon-Jules

Copy Desk

Copy Desk Chief

Margo D. Beller

Copy Editor

Mark Nacinovich

Copy Editor

John Fuller

Multimedia - CDTV

Executive Producer

McKenzie Stratigopoulos

Senior Producer, CoinDesk TV

Denise de Murcie

Head of Studio Ops/Head Engineer

Jordan Muthra

CDTV Anchor/Producer

Christine Lee

Line Producer

Serena Lin


Teresa Santos

Senior Booking Producer

Melissa Montañez

Graphics Ops/Video Editor

Joe D'Addio

Video Journalist/Social Video Producer

Doreen Wang

Associate Producer

Sienna Park

Associate Talent Booker

Dilin Massand

Audio Technician

Jared Sokoloff

Production Assistant

Victor Chen

Multimedia - Podcasts

Executive Producer - Podcasts & Audio

Jared Schwartz

Deputy Podcasts Producer

Rob Mitchell

Podcasts Producer

Michele Musso

Associate Podcasts Producer

Adrian Blust

Events & Programming

Executive Editor, Events Programming

Karin Annus

Head of Web3 Content, Events Programming

Stephanie Izquieta

Deputy Director, Events Programming

John Belding

CoinDesk Studios

SVP, Head of CoinDesk Studios

Sam Ewen

Associate Director, Partnership & Client Lead

Markiesha Ollison